Getting a residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of establishing a start-up

ВНЖ в Литве на основание стартапа

Residence permit on the basis of a start-up

It is known that in order to get a residence permit in Lithuania, according to the law, it is necessary to recruit 3 Lithuanian citizens and pay them at least three minimum wages.

However, this option does not suit every foreigner who wants to start a business in Lithuania. Especially this strategy is not suitable for beginning startups, where there is a good idea, but there is not enough money to hire 3 employees. And there is often no need to.

Considering the fact that the majority of start-ups in IT-technology and the salary of IT specialists in Lithuania are several times higher than the minimum; it is more than expensive to hire 3 programmers when there is no need to.

However, it is expected that an amendment to the migration legislation will soon be submitted to the Seimas for Lithuania, according to which, when establishing a start-up, it will be necessary to employ only one employee – an EU citizen, but pay at least two average salaries. However, there is a discussion on how to lower the demand to the level of one and a half average salaries in the Republic of Lithuania.

The requirements for the authorized capital are proposed to remain the same – 28000 euros, of which 14 000 euros should be formed at the expense of the foreigner’s own funds.

There is also another – the negative side of these changes.

According to the opinion of many entrepreneurs, this change will only burden foreigners who opened up start-ups, since the expected minimum wage is too high and does not, in most cases, meet qualification requirements or income from start-ups (especially during the start-up period).

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