It will be easier for start-up companies to hire foreigners

OtherA start-up visa in Lithuania is related to the immigration legislation approved by the government of Lithuania recently. It is aimed at attracting gifted and motivated startup founders from around the world and supporting them in creating and developing their start-ups in Lithuania. Lithuania will help attract and integrate foreign talents – the “Startup Employee Visa” procedure should reduce the barriers of highly skilled foreign specialists. This was confirmed by a memorandum signed by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, as well as by the Home Office and the Migration Department. The Ministry of Economics and Innovations, along with the Export Promotion Agency “Versli Lietuva”, will develop an information system for “Startup Employee Visa” and will act as a single window for all services related to a temporary permit for employees to live in Lithuania. This project will be implemented by the Home Office in cooperation with the Migration Department. “Startup Employee Visa” will allow clearly identifying the person you want to invite in accordance with this procedure and then focus, shorten the procedures and select the right person as a priority, perform all checks and make a quick decision. “This was stated by Minister of the Home Office, Eymutis Misiunas. “It is obvious that we will maintain the quality level that will provide Lithuania with reliable people who do not threaten national security of Lithuania,” he added. According to Misiunas, some laws can be revised to make the new program as effective as possible. In the Migration Department, the documents of the “Startup Employee Visa” participant will be reviewed as a matter of priority as soon as possible. According to the head of the department, Evelina Gudzinskaite, there has not been individual work with each foreign startup until now. According to the Minister of Economy and Innovations, Virginia Sinkevicius, the starter must be registered on “Then “Startup Lithuania” will assess the need for this person, to appeal to the Migration Department, and the result of this cooperation will be a fast, convenient procedure for attracting a specialist,” the Minister said. In Lithuania, the Startup Visa program has been operating for a long time, which allows foreigners to execute procedures more quickly and easily at the Migration Department. During this year first quarter, 18 foreign starters were created under this program – three times more than last year. According to V. Sinkevicius, “Startup Visa” is focused on legal entities, and “Startup Employee Visa” – on employees. It is planned that this year the accelerated launch procedure will be started. Currently there are 570 starters in the Verslios Lietuva database. By the year 2020, their number will be increased up to 1,000.

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