Foreign business in Lithuania

Despite the political and economic crisis in Europe and Russia, and despite the fact that all Russian media depict Lithuania as poor and unpromising country, still more and more businessmen from Russia come here each year. These entrepreneurs are more interested in opening business in gas, energy and oil sectors, but in addition they are also interested in buying ready business in Lithuania, or the registration of the company in Lithuania and on this basis they have possibility to get residence permit in Lithuania.

Thus foreigners from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as from any other country of the world can immigrate to Europe on the basis of getting residence permit in Lithuania. The number of Russian enterprises in Lithuania grows constantly. (See table 1)

Table 1. Number of Russian enterprises in Lithuania in 2009-2013.

Number of Russian enterprises in Lithuania

Number of Russian enterprises in Lithuania

As we can see there were 92 Russian enterprises in 2009, then
148 Russian enterprises were located in Lithuania in 2013. The accumulated investment from Russia in 2014 amounted about 387 million euro.

Since 2014 the interest to Lithuania has grown considerably among businessmen from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Many companies in the spheres of the development of computer games, software applications for mobile phones etc. have decided to move their offices to Lithuania. Setting business in Lithuania gave them access to the entire European market, brought confidence, stable legislation and economic situation, as well as access to a well-developed infrastructure of the country.

10 companies in the development of computer games, as well as many start-ups have moved to Lithuania and rapidly develop their business here. For many businessmen immigration to Europe is the way to protect or save their business in Russia, or good opportunity for extension, enter the entire European Union market.

Lithuania is slowly but confidently gains the title of the center of information and computer technologies, as well as it is the leader in the implementation of start-ups. Young, energetic, motivated people want to come here, to get residence permit in Lithuania, to work or develop their businesses, thereby living in the perspective European country.

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