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Immigration – it is the process of changing the place of residence, associated with the movement on permanent or temporary residence in another country for one or another reason.

Immigration Europe

Immigration Europe

Immigration is the vital basis for economic and social well-being. Citizens of the country get older and the density of population decreases, however immigrants help to support stability of the country and raise a level of economy. New possibilities to engage in new activities on the other markets and to realize own goals appear.There are a lot of reasons for immigration. The main issue – economic and social motives when migrants are looking for a country with more favorable living conditions and possibility to have the adequate income, low level of corruption, low quantity of criminal crimes, good geographic location of the country, favorable conditions for doing business,  low tax rates, attractive investment possibilities, favorableconditions for buying real estate,  stable legislation, etc.Political motives consist in desire to take refuge from prosecutions on racial, political, national, religious or other indications.

There most popular motives for immigration are following:

  • Intention to work abroad;
  • Desire to get education abroad;
  • Desire to live in a country with favorable political, social, cultural and economic conditions;
  • Family reunification;
  • Desire to get citizenship of another state.

Nowadays immigration to  Europe, when residents of  countries with low economic and social standards of living wish to move  to more industrialized countries and to provide the perspective future for itself and the children, has become very popular. For last decade the Europe has become the most important center for immigration. All European Union countries represented 18.6% of global imports and exports, although it is only 7% of the world population. The majority of Non-European Union countries’ citizens immigrate to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Spain, as well as the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and many other countries.

Immigration to the Europe provides opportunities to move freely across the countries of Schengen zone.

The most widespread ways for immigration are:

  • Immigration on the basis of purchase of the real estate;
  • Immigration by investing activities.

Business immigration – registration/ buy company on the territory of another country with the aim to get temporary or permanent residence permit in a foreign country. Immigrants help to develop small and medium-sized business of the country and eventually to become potential consumers of the global companies. More stable consumers, more benefits the business and the society of the country will get. Moreover business immigration can help to improve labor standards in the country. Business immigration is especially attractive for financial, tourist and information-communication technologies sectors, as it is capable to raise competitiveness of the local market of manufacturers on the international scene.

Lithuania is a small country, but trying to keep up with large countries. The developed infrastructure, a convenient geographical position, multilingual country’s population and other characteristics provide favorable conditions for business immigration. More information you can find here: (links about Lithuania, Spain, and Canada).

More information about immigration to Lithuania you can find here.

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