Business immigration

Business immigration – registration/buying of companies or opening of a representative office abroad.

Many businessmen are interested not only in favorable conditions for conducting business, but also in personal legal residence on the territory of European Union. One of the best options – residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of business migration.

In order to receive residence permit in Lithuania, you have to do business (to register or purchase the company, to have a residence on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, to gain the minimum monthly income not less than 230 euros.

Company set-up (registration)

In order to register a company, first of all you  it is necessary to choose its future name, legal form, a type of activity, number of founders, size of the authorized capital (in case of establishment of joint-stock company).

Minimal authorized capital, which is necessary to register a joint-stock company inLithuania and to receive a residence permit in Lithuania, is 2900 EUR (in case when a company is established by one person). If the company will be established by several persons, the min.shares, which each of them should have – 50.000 lit (15.000 EUR).

Also there is an opportunity to buy a new company, what considerably reduces time and financial expenses for business registration.

Our company provides services on sales of already formed new companies with various authorized capital.

In order to obtain residence permit in Lithuania, the registered company has to conduct at least the minimum activity, and pay all the necessary taxes. There isn’t any requirement for annual turnover of the company and its profits. Moreover it is necessary for you to provide confirmation that staying of foreigner in Lithuania is mandatory for carrying out the company’s activity, for example, to provide labor contract signed between the foreigner and the registered company, the confirmation that this foreigner holds a supervising position in this company, gets wages, pays taxes, and also have a registered address in the Republic of Lithuania.

Why Lithuania is the best option for business migration?

• The residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania gives the chance of visa-free movement on the territory of whole Schengen zone;

• Favorable conditions for crediting in best European banks;

• The residence permit in Lithuania simplifies process of obtaining visa to the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and a number of other countries;

• Registration of a company in Lithuania gives you opportunity to buy a car and operate it as in the EU countries, so in other countries;

• Close location to Western countries, thus to Moscow only 900km;

Tax rates in Lithuania:

The standard tax on company income – 15%, however if there are not more than 10 employees in the company and the annual turnover doesn’t exceed 1mln lit, then a 5% tax rate is used.

Tax on individuals income– 15%

Value added tax – 21%

Tax on dividends – 20%

Real estate tax – 0,3-1%

Our company offers services of immigration to Europe, mainly immigration to Lithuania, accounting services, assistance in obtaining residence permit in Lithuania, limited company registration. With help of EUROMIG consultants you can buy new limited company, sell company, buy ready made business, etc.

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