Immigration to Spain

Residence permit in Spain

Immigration to Spain becomes more and more popular with each year. Spain – an amazing European country with great atmosphere, warm climate and special temperament of nice people: and after visiting this country, you will never forget it. It is not strange that everyone wants to visit it, and those, who has already visited, returns to Spain again and again.

According to a survey, conducted in 2013, Spain was named one of the best countries for immigrants, 76 % of respondents identified themselves as happy people. Spain has never been as accessible for immigration as it is today.

Lovely climate for living, pleasant nature, access to the sea – all of these impacts greatly on demand for real estate in the country and on immigration services in Spain. Many residents of both European and non-European countries like to spend their holidays on warm sea coast, older people prefer Spain for permanent residence.

Residence permit in Spain

Residence permit in Spain

Thus, the demand for property in Spain grows every year, especially in the resort areas of the Mediterranean. The coastal line of 20 km width is very popular nowadays, because here the magical resort towns with developed infrastructure are located, as well as many historical, cultural, entertainment and tourist attractions.

Resort area of the city of Malaga is one of the best examples of these towns (Costa del Sol). Demand for real estate in this area is always in great demand in spite of the different kinds of the deteriorating economic situation in Spain or complicated situation of the mortgage market in the country.

Investment in Spain today became interest of many people because of the low prices in comparison with other European countries, but the opportunities and prospects of the property market development and guarantees for future income reception are much higher.

The main objects of real estate, which are in great demand for investment, are houses and flats as more economical option, as well as villas and houses in a luxury areas on the coast of the sea as a variant of more expensive property.

In addition, investment in commercial real estate is also in great demand, namely investment in the development of restaurants, bars, beach cafes, hotels or apartment hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, etc.

Immigration to Spain

Immigration to Spain

The main and the most promising areas for investment are the resort areas on the coast of the sea, such as millions of tourists come here from all over the world, and they want to spend time happily in luxury atmosphere of Spain.

Costa del Sol (Sun Coast) – one of the most popular places not only in Spain but also in Europe. Malaga (capital) is a resort of international importance; it has its own unique flavor and gastronomy of the highest level. Seville, Cordoba, Granada – Andalusian city of world cultural values, which are located only few tens kilometers from Costa del Sol. Ski resort of Sierra Nevada is only one hour away by car, as well as famous Tarifa – the confluence of the sea and the ocean, a Mecca is for lovers of surfing. And many places that are worth for visiting – water parks, zoos, dolphinarium, safari park etc. The list can be endless. Come, see and feel everything by yourself and you will be totally satisfied.

Residence permit in Spain

On 29 September 2013 Spanish law, which allows to obtain residence permit in Spain for everyone who invested in real estate of the country more than 500 thousand euros, came into force. And it can be not only one object, but several objects as well.

Residence permit in Spain, obtained due to investment into real estate is also called “Golden residence permit” or “Golden visa” as it provides very promising possibilities for its holders:

  • Firstly, temporary residence permit in Spain is valid for 1 year;
  • After 5 years of receiving temporary residence permits, the foreigner has right to obtain permanent residence permit, and after expire date of permanent residence permit – Spanish nationality;
  • The property owner gets the opportunity to travel to all Schengen countries without any visa or permissions;
  • Immigration to Spain allows to conduct business in Spain and throughout the European Union;
  • Having residence permit in Spain there is no necessity to live in the country more than 183 days per year. A foreigner may freely leave Spain and reside in any other country;
  • Residence permit in Spain gives an opportunity to get education for You and Your children in Spain or other educational institutions in Europe;
  • The right to get free health care and other social benefits in Spain;
  • etc.

Candidates, who wish to obtain residence permit in Spain should meet only few criteria:

  •     legal source of funds used for buying real estate in Spain;
  •    no criminal records of the foreigner;
  •    no failures in obtaining visas to EU earlier;
  •     presence of personal health insurance;
  •     the availability of sufficient funds to live in Spain.

The main buyers of real estate in Spain, who wish to immigrate to Spain, are foreigners from Russia, China, India and the Middle East. Many customers who have bought properties in this country, enjoy already with life in Spain and throughout the European Union.

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