Successs of development of IT-industry in Lithuania

IT-Company в Литве

IT-company in Lithuania

Lithuania has become homeland for many foreign IT companies. They are attracted by skilled IT professionals, as well as great prospects of IT industry, which are encouraged both by the state and the European Union. More and more students study in the field of IT technologies and a lot of attention is paid for quality of this IT education.

In addition the experience of large foreign companies (which have already entered the Lithuanian market and conduct successful operations) also proves the success of the IT industry in Lithuania.

Doing Business in Lithuania is more reliable and secure than in many other countries. Stable legislation, loyal tax system, well-developed information infrastructure with high-speed unlimited internet access as well as widespread knowledge of Russian and English languages make Lithuania preferred for business activity.

Moreover most of Lithuanian citizens know English language and other foreign languages. It brings flexibility for any business, conducted in Lithuania.

The decision of one of the IT companies serves as good proof of the incredible opportunities for development of IT industry in Lithuania. Company Devbridge after opening new offices in Vilnius and increment of its company’s office space in Kaunas last year, has recently decided to increase its staff from 100 to 150 of IT professionals. It is expected that most of new employees will work in Vilnius.

The company mainly works with companies in the United States and Canada in the field of financial services, manufacturing and technology. During the first quarter of this year, Devbridge earned about 2,32 million US dollars, which is 48,5% more in comparison with the same period of last year (1,56 mln. USD).

Also, many IT companies from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus decided to move business to Lithuania, and here they continue to develop their information products. So they have access not only to the CIS countries, but also to the entire market of the European Union, which has great demand for development of IT-technologies. Also owner of the company in Lithuania has the right to obtain residence permit in Lithuania and in 2 years to invite his family to Lithuania. They can also invite to Lithuania specialists from any country of the world, and these specialists can also obtain residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of work. This means that being IT professionals they will have possibilities to travel freely throughout Europe, work in any country of the Schengen zone distantly and enjoy life in their dream country of European Union.

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