The Department of Migration changes to the processes of migration of foreigners to and from Lithuania

Due to the coronavirus pandemic Lithuania closed its borders which led to foreigners encountering difficulties entering Lithuania – access to the country was open only to Lithuanian citizens, freight carriers, foreigners permanently residing in Lithuania, diplomats and NATO troops. In response to this situation, the Migration Department has digitized the application process so even such complex procedures as granting citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania and issuing a temporary residence permit in the country has become much easier and user friendly.

Moving to Lithuania just got easier!

Since September, the Migration department has availed the option to submit applications for the citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania electronically. Such a system enables clients to quickly and conveniently submit electronic applications for granting citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, taking an oath to the Republic of Lithuania, issuing documents confirming Lithuanian origin or the right to restore Lithuanian citizenship, as well as resolve issues related to citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania for children, etc.

In addition, foreigners who intend to take up positions in Lithuania requiring high qualifications (who are issued a “blue card”) or engage in research activities are given the opportunity to apply remotely for a temporary residence permit for Lithuania before arriving in the country. According to the head of the Migration Department, this reduces the number of contacts, and the procedure for resettlement to Lithuania is accelerated.

All communication with clients is carried out electronically, an applicant is only required to come to the department on 2 occasions – once to provide biometric fingerprints and a face image, and the second to receive a ready-made card.

“Crossing the border for citizens of Belarus and other foreigners presents a certain difficulty, since only holders of a national visa or residence permit are allowed. a positive decision will be made, that is, an additional permit for crossing the external border of the EU is no longer required. This removes an additional restriction, which, unfortunately, we have to apply because of the coronavirus”says Evelina Gudzinskaite, Director of the Migration Department.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, foreigners living in Lithuania have also faced problems. According to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, some of them have exceeded the validity of their visa or temporary residence permit in Lithuania during the quarantine period.

“Due to the closure of borders, lack of flights or the possibility to return to their country, foreigners who remained in Lithuania could not leave Lithuania to return to their homeland. We tried to resolve the situation rationally, and for all those who have exceeded their visa or temporary residence permit validity in Lithuania, we have extended it. We decided not to consider this as an illegal stay in the country, ”says Vice Minister of Internal Affairs Tautvydas Tamulevičius.

For citizens of Belarus – a simplified procedure for issuing visas

Lithuania is applying a new procedure to Belarusian citizens – they can receive visas on a humanitarian basis. In connection with the current situation in Belarus, its citizens and members of their families are given the opportunity to obtain a national visa in a simplified manner. To do this, it is necessary to provide proof that the citizen has sufficient funds to live in the country for at least 3 months, or the obligation of the legal entity of the Republic of Lithuania to ensure that he receives such income.

“Our policy on foreigners’ arrival in the country is based on the need to create conditions for people entering Lithuania for long-term or short-term, but very important goals. Indeed, in today’s globalized world you cannot close for a long time, ”T. Tamulevičius tells about the main changes in the field of migration affecting foreigners.


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