It is necessary to notify the Migration Department of changes in personal documents within 7 days

The Migration Department informs that foreigners who have a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania, employers of foreigners and representatives of educational institutions in which foreigners study, will be obliged to submit notifications of changes in data on foreigners from December 1 only through the Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS).

The Migration Department recalls the obligation set forth in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Legal Status of Foreigners”, to submit notifications about changes in the data of aliens and about the administrative liability provided for by the Code of Administrative Offenses for failure to comply with this obligation.

A foreigner holding a residence permit must notify the Migration Board within 7 days if:

1) he/she changes his/her identity or citizenship documents of the person;

2) his/her marital status changes;

3) he/she changes his/her place of residence;

4) the address/location of the branch or representative office of a registered entity in the Register of Legal Entities (hereinafter referred to as an enterprise) or if an enterprise incorporated in a foreign state changes when issuing a temporary residence permit to the host enterprise or its structural unit;

5) he/she submits an application for admission to an equivalent study program of another research institution or doctorate if he/she has been issued a temporary residence permit and enrolled in a research institution under the study program (s) or doctoral program.


The foreigner must also be reported to the Migration Board within 7 days:

1) employer – on termination of an employment contract with a foreigner who has a national visa or a temporary residence permit; on the absence or unemployment of a foreigner, if more than 10 days have passed since the date specified by the employer when the foreigner was supposed to enter the Republic of Lithuania, or on a temporary permit to reduce the salary of an alien admitted to work requiring high professional qualifications, if the salary is becomes lower than that established in clauses 1 or 3 of part 1 of Article 441 of the said Law;

2) an educational institution or host organization – on the termination of studies, internships, professional development or voluntary activities of a foreigner who has a national visa or temporary residence permit, or on the absence of a foreigner, if from the date indicated by the educational institution or host organization, the foreigner took more than 10 days to arrive in the Republic of Lithuania.

Failure to submit timely information to the Migration Board shall result in the imposition of a fine on the head of an educational institution, research institution or other enterprise, institution or organization or his / her representative from 140 Eur (one hundred and fourty) to 600 Eur (six hundred) euros per person.

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