Development of business relations between Lithuania and the European Union countries

Poland is one of the most important countries for Lithuania to develop not only business relations, but also relations in science, art, culture. Both these countries are closely connected historically and culturally and in different ways try to support each other.

Развитие бизнеса между Польшей и Литвой

Business development between Poland and Lithuania

In connection with the expansion of trade relations between Lithuania and Poland, the Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce has been established recently. The main objectives of its establishment are to encourage investment between countries, to stimulate interstate cooperation, to help business, and to consolidate existing ties and search for and development of new business ties.

Today, Poland is a large financial center of Central and Eastern Europe and one of Lithuania’s main business partners.

The main tasks that are set for the Chamber of Commerce are:

- provision of detailed information to members of the Chamber of Commerce on investment activities and prospects for business development;

- mediation between entrepreneurs of different countries;

- assistance in creating a favorable business environment that would bring the maximum amount of foreign investment and hence the maximum benefit;

- assistance in communication between members of the Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce and other companies that are not part of it;

- organization of business events, etc.

Lithuania is the fastest growing country in terms of GDP in Europe, it has great prospects, and Poland is one of the main countries that contribute to the further development of economic and social life in Lithuania. It is for this reason that many businessmen from Poland come to Lithuania to register a company in Lithuania and conduct their own business.

Prospects of investing in Lithuania from Sweden

Another excellent example of mastering foreign investment in Lithuania can serve as an example of the opening of a new modern plant of Scandinavian type in the Lithuanian city of Siauliai.

Развитие бизнеса между Литвой и другими странами ЕС

Business development between Lithuania and other EU countries

The plant of the ROL Group company was opened in the industrial park of the city, and the number of working personnel was 320 people.

The main activity of the plant is the production of racks, hangers, equipment for clothing, trade, pharmacies, special structures that allow you to adjust the height of tables and so on.

Finished goods are exported to Western Europe, Canada, USA and China. In the future, it is planned to significantly expand the geography of sales. At the moment, the main customers of the ROL Group are Benu, Marks & Spencer, Ikea, H & M, KNOLL, Martela and EFG.

The company chose Lithuania to locate the plant also because of the favorable business environment in the country. Stability of legislation, favorable geographic location, proximity to raw materials and well-developed infrastructure – these and other factors influenced its choice.

More and more businessmen from non-EU countries come to register business in Lithuania with the goal of entering the European market and receiving many other economic and social benefits. More information about the benefits of doing business in Lithuania can be found here.

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