Expenses on keeping of residence permits in Lithuania through the registration of CJSC

Expenditures for doing business in Lithuania on the basement of residence permit in Lithuania

Expenditures for doing business in Lithuania on the basement of residence permit in Lithuania

The easiest way to get residence permit in Lithuania is to register or buy company in Lithuania.

Monthly expences on keeping residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of company registration (LLC):

1. Accounting -250 Euro per month.

2. State Social Benefits – 150 Euro per month.

This amount covers:

  • Income tax on individuals – 15%
  • Social payment for every employee -9 %
  • Social security tax paid by the employer, 30,98 %– 31,7 %

Annual expences (i.e. paid once a year) on keeping residence permit in Lithuania:

  • Enterprise income tax is 15% or reduced income tax is 5 % if the turnover is less than 1 million litas (290 000

Euro) and the number of employees not exceed 10 people.

  • Prolongation of residence permit for the next year (without registration address) is only 250 Euro.

If you register Limited liability Company in Lithuania, the expenditures will be 400 Euro per month, or 4800 Euro per year.

There is another organizational form of registered company, private company.  In case of private company in Lithuania, your expenditures will make around 107 Euro per month, or 1284 Euro per year correspondingly (without income tax).

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