Agricultural company

Сельскохозяйственная компания
  • Description:

    We sell agricultural company, which doesn’t have any debts or liabilities.
    • The company has no creditors and has no contractual obligations; the only one is the contract for accounting services with EUROMIG company.
    • The Company may engage in any activity (any legal activity), except those that require special license or permit. Appropriate license and / or permit, you can order in our company.
    • The company can be member of the European Union program called ‘Rural Development’ (Programme of the Rural Development in Lithuanian for the period 2007-2013 ). Registration of the company in the countryside in few days (you can choose among many rural areas in Lithuania) .
    Detailed information on the accounting services can be found here

  • Primary activity: Agriculture and Forestry
  • Price: € 7500
  • Company debts: no debts
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: TS143486