Residence Permit in Lithuania

Residence permit in Lithuania

Residence permit in Lithuania

With the development of market economy, technology, globalization, more and more companies enter the international market, thereby expanding their capabilities and increase capital. Opening business abroad enables companies to gain access to other markets and attract new customers. For example, the market of the European Union has more than 500 million inhabitants, the highest wages and purchasing power, stable and attractive legislation for business development, high level of technological and social development. Lithuania is one of the European countries that is one of the best markets for doing business. For example, while in many countries of the European Union recession is observed, Lithuania shows strong economic growth and Eurostat predicts in the end of 2013 the country’s GDP growth of 4.3 %.

The temporary residence permit in Lithuania may be issued to a foreigner who is engaged and is going to continue to engage in lawful activities in the Republic of Lithuania.

New requirements for obtaining temporary residence permit in Lithuania (valid since 2014-11-01):

  1. Interested person who wishes to obtain residence permit in Lithuania should be member of the company, which is not less than the last 6 months before to applying for residence permit, leads the company’s operations. The company must be established by not less than three jobs and in them all working day works citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or permanently residing permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania by foreigners in the Republic of Lithuania. Own capital of the company should be not less than 29 000 Euro (for non-joint stock company – property value), of which not less than 14 500 Euro actually made money of a foreigner, or other assets. Interested person must be an owner, director or member, shareholder having the right to trade, and which property is owned by not less than 1/3 of the nominal shares of the company;
  1. A foreigner, who is engaged and is going to continue to engage in lawful activities in the Republic of Lithuania, a temporary residence permit issued for one year and extended for 2 years.
  1. If a foreigner who is interested to get a residence permit in Lithuania in equity of the company (or it will be the cost of the property) will invest not less than 260 000 euros, will create not less than five jobs full time for the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or permanently residing in the Republic of Lithuania to aliens, temporary residence permit is issued and changed for 3 years.

Doing Business in Lithuania has many advantages:

• Large developed market of more than 500 million inhabitants;

• Opened European market, which functions on the principle of free movement of goods, services, persons and capital, that automatically eliminates questions about customs regulations, quotas, tariffs and fees in the European Union;

Stable legislation that allows planning of your activities;

• Eligible fixed tax rates in Lithuania on income of individuals and entities that allow you to make great profit from doing business and not to give up most for the state (for instance, income tax for companies is 15 %, and if the company employs less than 10 employees and annual turnover amounts less than 1 million Litas, so you can enjoy preferential tax, which is only 5% of the profit);

• Legitimate ways to reduce tax payments;

• The benefits of harmonization of indirect taxation in the European Union, which allows you to choose the country, where you will pay Value Added Tax (VAT);

• Lithuania is one of the leading countries in reducing corruption as on the highest levels of authority, so on the administrative level, that naturally decreases the costs for doing business (absence of ” bribes “, ” kickbacks “, etc.)

Availability of free economic zones in Klaipeda and Kaunas;

• Ability to obtain a bank credit with loyal conditions ( from 11 %);

• Opportunities to get support from the European Union for the development of your business in Lithuania.

Starting business you are entitled to get Residence permit in Lithuania for a period of 1 year, with the right to obtain permanent residence permit after 5 years. This process is called business immigration.

For business immigration to Lithuania the procedure is simple and does not require huge investments, as in case of other countries of the European Union. Furthermore, the price for food, clothes, foodstuff are relatively lower and the tax system is more liberal than in other EU countries. The important thing is that having a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania, the alien can move freely to all countries of Schengen Zone. Moreover, basing business in Lithuania the whole market of the European Union opens for you: you are free to operate in any country of the European Union, choose the most attractive markets for you, buy real estate, cars, both for the needs of the business, and for your own use.

Temporary residence permit in Lithuania – a document, granting a foreign citizen right for temporary residence in Lithuania. It is issued to foreign citizens, who are not citizens of 27 Members states of the European Union. It is usually issued for one year (at the end of the year may be extended for one year, and up to 5 years). For persons of Lithuanian origin and foreign citizens, who retained the right to citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania temporary residence permit is issued for five years.

The decision for temporary residence permit in Lithuania to foreign citizens is resolved by the Migration Department. An application for the first temporary residence permit is reviewed during 3-6 months from the date of the submission of the relevant institution, and application of a foreign citizen, who has permanent residence permit  issued by European Union Member State – within 4 months from the date of the submission of the relevant institution.

Replacement of the temporary residence permit is considered not later than within two months from the lodging of the application.

Permanent residence permit in Lithuania is the document, issued for foreign people or people without citizenship, which provides permanent residence for them in Lithuania.

Advantages of residence permit in Lithuania:

- First of all Lithuania has its perfect economic location. On one hand its neighbors are post-Soviet countries, on the other – the Nordic countries, that had a significant impact on the historical development of Lithuania. In addition, the enormous benefits of Lithuania lies in its membership in the European Union, the Schengen agreement and many other agreements in the framework of the EU, which allows its citizens or persons with a residence permit to enjoy the benefits of a common European market: opened borders for travelling, getting education, implementation of projects, cultural exchanges etc.

- Possession of residence permit in Lithuania greatly facilitates the process of obtaining a visa to such countries as the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

- Moreover different historical facts and events influenced significantly on formation of tolerance to different cultures, languages ​​and religions. A large number of the population speaks and understands Russian and English. This naturally gives everyone the opportunity to continue his usual style of living, being on the territory of Lithuania.

- In addition, it is important to admit that Lithuanian education meets all the requirements of European education with really high quality; it is able to develop the necessary competencies for your life. The important thing is that pre-school, school, special and higher education institutions propose studying not only in Lithuanian, but also in Russian, Belarusian, Polish and English languages. There are Belarusian, Russian, Polish, as well as international schools and high schools that gives the opportunity for parents and children to choose the most pleasant educational institution.

- Furthermore, the Lithuanian health centers are famous for their highly qualified specialists with experience in the U.S., Israel, Germany, the UK, and costs for medical services are relatively low.

 – Important to mention Lithuanian favorable environmental conditions, which are provided by the local peculiarities of nature, the availability of access to the sea and absence of large industrial enterprises.

We provide also the following services :

  • Complex accounting and legal support for business
  • Legal advices on the establishment and doing business in Lithuania (business immigration to Lithuania)
  • Preparation of documents, which are necessary for the employment of foreign nationals in the Republic of Lithuania
  • Preparation of documents for temporary or permanent residence permit and work permit in the Republic of Lithuania
  • Preparation of documents for the registered company in Lithuania for the entry and temporary or permanent residence in Lithuania
  • Services of business representation
  • Organization of business missions
  • Creation and maintenance of web-sites
  • Assistance in searching office space
  • Assistance in searching place for living
  • Providing registration address for residence
  • Representation in governmental bodies, institutions and organizations of Lithuania.

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