Invest in Lithuania

Investment is the main source of employment, knowledge and competitiveness, which have great impact on economic growth of the country. Domestic and international investment helps the residents to get higher salary and live better life.

Invest in Lithuania

Invest in Lithuania

So we decided to create a map of the Lithuanian business investment and strengthen its position on international markets.

Migration of population during the last years became quite popular, people change their place of residence in order to achieve their goals. Over the past year ambivalent migration trends has appeared in Lithuania. One of the trends is the emigration of Lithuanian residents to other European countries, and the second trend is that many people immigrate to Lithuania from third countries (countries outside the European Union). They occupy the vacant jobs, do business in Lithuania, Europe and are eager to assert their positions.

Lithuania doesn’t provide services for getting residence permit for investment in the country, but you can easily get multivisa. Based on purchase of real estate (if the area is more than 14 sq. m.) the buyer can claim to receive multivisa for the period of 90 days during half of the year and move freely across Schengen countries. If the foreigner is interested in immigration to Lithuania and residence permit, he/she can do business in Lithuania (to buy or register company in Lithuania). Another way to get residence permit in Lithuania is the investment policy of the country – you can become a shareholder of the company through the acquisition of shares with the total amount not less than 14 500 Euro.

If you are interested in investment to Lithuania, we will help you find reliable partners, to participate in various competitions and will provide all the information about investment programs in Lithuania.

Over the past few years property prices in Lithuania have decreased, as well as Lithuania became one of the most favorable countries for the purchase of real estate and accommodation. A highly developed infrastructure, convenient geographical location (proximity to Russia, Belarus and other countries), and many other reasons make Lithuania the leader in the battle for foreign investment. And this fight has been easily won in the last few years.

Reasons why it is efficiently and profitably to invest in Lithuania:

A large number of university graduates;

Western culture;

Good knowledge of English and Russian languages by residents of Lithuania;

Knowledge of many other languages​​;

Loyal employees;

Low real estate prices;

Lithuania is one of the five EU members with the largest population, who know at least one foreign language (usually English, Russian and German). 92% of residents in Lithuania can communicate other than Lithuanian language during the interview. More than 50% of population speak two foreign languages ​​, 80% – in Russian, 38% – in English and about 14% – in German.

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