Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canda

Immigration to Canda

Canada is one of the most desirable countries for immigration, since wages there are among the highest in the world, and the economic and social life in the country itself makes people happy.

According to a survey conducted in 2012, almost entire population in Canada is sure of getting help in case of need from the state, 67% trust their government. In addition, Canada is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy. The reasons for this are closely related to the fact that the level of satisfaction with life in the country is very high, clean water and air, excellent quality of food, and and also the Canadians lead an active life style.

If you are planning to go to live and work in Canada, remember – it is quite complicated process, immigrants are required to know English and/or French, also a contender for a residence permit in Canada should have good reputation in his/her native country.

The main stages of immigration to Canada:

  • Selection of the program according to which you would like to immigrate to Canada;
  • Selection of the way to immigrate; it is necessary to remember that immigration process requires a lot of knowledge, time and efforts, so if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to trust the experts;
  • Appeal to the specialist, consultations on immigration to Canada: our company will help you to choose the most optimal variant of immigration and will explain the basic errors and inaccuracies that can arise during the process;
  • Consideration of the documents package in the Consulate of Canada and  decision to refuse to immigrate to Canada or inviting you for an interview at the consulate to continue the process;
  • An interview with you, a medical examination, getting visa to Canada.

There are various immigration programs to Canada; different provinces have different rules, requirements, and immigration programs.

The main types of immigration to Canada are:

  • Getting refugee status in the country;
  • Immigration based on the wish to study at the University of Canada;
  • Labor migration (the country has a list of sought-after professions that are well paid, but require special knowledge and skills);
  • Business migration to Canada, which is based on the ability to immigrate to Canada, investing directly in the country with particular amount of money;
  • etc.

Everything starts from selection of the program; which you want to immigrate to Canada through. There are various immigration programs in Canada, with the different provinces of the country have their own requirements, terms and conditions. So you should choose a program which you think is the most comfortable for you, our specialists can help with professional advice.

Canada’s immigration policy has changed dramatically, especially in the selection of immigrants. Nowadays the immigration department selects primarily those who have close ties with Canada, or have a job offer from local employers. Moreover selection of new immigrants firstly depends on the province, but federal authorities took over the function of checking the reliability of future immigrants.

Canadian immigration policy primarily protects the Canadian labor market from excessive inflow of foreign workers. Your chances for immigration will increase if you already have work experience in Canada or you have already job offer from a Canadian employer, approved by a public authority of Canada.

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