Transport license of the European Union

Transport company, transport license of EU

Transport company, transport license of EU

Transport license of European Union is special document, issued by public authorities and entitles the company to carry cargo across the countries of EU.

It’s not a secret that cargo transportation has a huge amount of special features, obstacles and difficulties. The main goal of each transport company is to have access to wide market of free movement of goods and services: in this case we are talking primarily about licenses and permits. Therefore, the European license allows caring out trucking freely across the European Union.

The main feature of the European Transport license is the opportunities for its owner as a result of free access to the European market without necessity to get additional permits and licenses. This license is issued by the State Road Transport Inspectorate within 30 days after the filling of the application. It is issued for the period of 10 years and allows its owner to carry out transportation of goods by vehicles with a permissible mass exceeding 3,5 tons (including trailer or semi-trailer) .

Depending on the number of vehicles in the transport company, the owner should get the same number of copies of transport license: one copy to each vehicle. A copy should always be stored in a vehicle, as freight without this document is strictly prohibited.

The main requirements for a company willing to get European transport license:

  • Mandatory registration of the company in the European Union;
  • Transport manager– a specialist, who passed the exam and received certificate of the appropriate professional competence;
  • Very good reputation of transport company (i.e., drivers are required to comply with EU rules regarding work and leisure, road vehicles must be in appropriate condition, not allowed to exceed the measures of size and weight of vehicles, as well as driver qualification should be high etc.)
  • Strong financial condition of the company;
  • Parking area for transport vehicles, the parking plan must be submitted to the Transport Inspectorate in order to prolong EU transport license in future;
  • Registered office of the transport company must meet the following requirements: it must be a transportation management center with special equipment for customer service and administration, document storage.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases when transport license in European Union is refused, in most cases it is connected with hiding of important information or due to failure to implement activities effectively: non-compliance of the legislation provisions, rules and requirements of the European Union, which are significantly different from those that exist in other countries outside of EU.

Thus, the most common reasons for European transport license refusal are:

  • Provision of wrong data by legal entity;
  • Absence of employee who have passed the exam for a certificate of professional competence (transport manager);
  • Loss of transport license by the company less than 1 year before another applying;
  • Poor financial conditions of the company;
  • Absence of document confirming the excellent reputation of the company;
  • etc.

Therefore we recommend to apply to professional support of companies, which have long experience in issues of transport licences and other permits. Such professional support will help you to save money and time and to avoid any kind of problems, including penalties.

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