Business for sale in Lithuania

Business for sale in Lithuania

Residence Permit in Lithuania

Residence permit – a document, which allows you to stay in the European Union for the whole year

Company registration in Lithuania

LLC registration (UAB)
Registration of private company
Representative office registration

Transport companies in Lithuania for sale

We sell ready transport companies with European transport license

EUROMIG services



The main mission of EUROMIG project is to provide complex services to non European Union companies and individuals, carrying out their activity in the European Union countries, in the Republic of Lithuania in particular.

We provide a comprehensive kit of services to companies starting their activity in European Union (Lithuania) market, as well as to already active business representatives.

Our experts will assist you in dealing with legal, financial and migration issues. Moreover, we are ready to assist you with finding partners, realizing business-mission, staff selection, finding office rooms and living quarters and providing other services related to business representation.


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Foreigners are now able to apply for e-resident status and receive an e-resident card

Migration department has allowed foreigners to make use of selected electronic services that Lithuanian citizens have access to; this includes electronic administrative, public or commercial services. Foreigners are now eligible to receive an e-resident card with an electronic identification certificate …Read more

Employing foreigners in Lithuania has become even less complicated

Lithuania has reached a stage of migration policy development where foreign talent attraction is an essential factor why its investment environment is improving. Introducing more competitive immigration procedures will satisfy the demand for highly qualified specialists who wish to work …Read more

Vilnius ranked among the top-25 Global Cities of the Future in terms of direct foreign investments and business development

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania has been ranked among the top-25 Global cities of the Future foreign direct investment by fDi Intelligence – a specialist division from The Financial Times which provides an up-to-date review of global investment activity. The …Read more

Employers responsible to verify the authenticity of the documents provided by the employed foreigners

Foreigners occasionally resort to submitting falsified documents to obtain temporary residence permits or national visas in Lithuania. When the Migration Department identifies discrepancies in the submitted documents, they reject the application for a national visa or temporary residence permit. If …Read more

Foreigners has duty to declare their place of residence in Lithuania

Failure to fulfill the obligation to declare one’s place of residence or providing false declaration data carries administrative liability under Article 530 of the Administrative Offenses Code. The Migration Department strictly enforces this requirement, and applications to change residence permits …Read more

The Kaunas branch of the Migration Department moved in new facilities

Today marks a significant milestone with the inauguration of the newly opened premises of the Migration Department’s Kaunas branch, situated at A. Juozapavičiaus Ave. 57. This development signals a notable advancement in delivering migration services and enhancing customer satisfaction. Although …Read more

11 persons took the oath for the Republic of Lithuania

March 4th of the current year witnessed a significant event at the Ministry of the Interior’s White Hall – the Citizenship Oath Ceremony of the Republic of Lithuania. On this auspicious occasion, 11 individuals were granted the citizenship of the …Read more

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