Business for sale in Lithuania

Business for sale in Lithuania

Residence Permit in Lithuania

Residence permit – a document, which allows you to stay in the European Union for the whole year

Company registration in Lithuania

LLC registration (UAB)
Registration of private company
Representative office registration

Transport companies in Lithuania for sale

We sell ready transport companies with European transport license

EUROMIG services



The main mission of EUROMIG project is to provide complex services to non European Union companies and individuals, carrying out their activity in the European Union countries, in the Republic of Lithuania in particular.

We provide a comprehensive kit of services to companies starting their activity in European Union (Lithuania) market, as well as to already active business representatives.

Our experts will assist you in dealing with legal, financial and migration issues. Moreover, we are ready to assist you with finding partners, realizing business-mission, staff selection, finding office rooms and living quarters and providing other services related to business representation.


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EPAM opens new European software and platform development center in Lithuania

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM), a leading global provider of digital platform and software development services, announced the opening of a new office in Vilnius, Lithuania. In support of Lithuania’s growing technology center, the company plans to hire about 600 …Read more

The Department of Migration changes to the processes of migration of foreigners to and from Lithuania

Due to the coronavirus pandemic Lithuania closed its borders which led to foreigners encountering difficulties entering Lithuania – access to the country was open only to Lithuanian citizens, freight carriers, foreigners permanently residing in Lithuania, diplomats and NATO troops. In …Read more

It will be possible to issue a “blue card” or residence permit for highly qualified workers virtually.

Since September 7, the Migration Department has streamlined the procedures for issuing temporary residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania to foreigners who apply for a temporary residence permit when they intend to work in a highly qualified job (issued …Read more

Third-country nationals who did not leave Lithuania on time will not be held administratively liable

After quarantine has been lifted, the Department of Migration returns to its usual practice. The decisions regarding the return will not be adopted with respect to as well as administrative liability for illegal stay will not be applied for 2 …Read more

Global migration policy changes in connection with COVID-19

The new focus on individual health security risk could have long-term implications for migrant workers and migration policy. The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a shift in migration rhetoric to include individual health security. Limitations on movement, while necessary to manage …Read more

Coronavirus: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to ease restrictions

New infections have slowed to a trickle in these Baltic nations. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia opened their borders to each others’ citizens from May 15, creating a Baltic “travel bubble” within the European Union amid an easing of pandemic restrictions, …Read more

Fake immigration website pretending to be EUROMIG

Some people have brains and imagination, and some do not. When you have no brain, you try to copy what others have created. To earn pennies because you couldn’t steal enough. This happened to unfortunate people from Belarus / Poland …Read more

Business for sale in Lithuania Продажа перспективного бизнеса в Литве. Получение Вида на жительство на основание управления бизнесом