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Business in Lithuania is famous for its flexibility, profitability, effectiveness and order. It’s not a secret that this country has loyal tax system, stable legislation and all the necessary conditions for doing business (simplicity of business registration, developed transport infrastructure, established system of submission of all required documents to state bodies) and the mains thing is access to the whole European Union market.

Advantages of doing business in Lithuania

  • Organized system of company registration in Lithuania, low prices;
  • Business registration in Lithuania allows  to conduct business in all countries of European Union, which are members of the Schengen area – it’s market of about 500 mln residents;
  • The low level of state interference in company’s business;
  • Protection of business by the stable legislation;
  • Simplicity of doing business for foreigners, because the most part of population speaks English, Russian or both languages, also a lot of people know few other foreign languages;
  • Many high qualified specialists and most population has higher education;
  • Low level of bureaucracy and corruption, and each year this level decreases;
  • Opportunity to buy a car in  any European country and use it outside the EU without customs clearance;
  • Right to get a loan on business development  for innovative, energy-efficient technologies;
  • Right to get a loan under the minimum interest rate;
  • Low price to rent or buy office, residential premises;
  • After signing the contract between Canada and the European Union possibility to do business with Canada has appeared;
  • Free economic areas in Klaipeda and Kaunas, which provide favorable conditions for doing business in Lithuania (absence of tax on profit during the first 6 years, 50 % discount on tax rate during the next 10 years);
  • Opportunity to get a visa to the USA, Canada, Australia, to develop business with these countries;
  • Cheap flights to any country of the EU

If you still do not know in which country to register a company and conduct business, contact our specialist and consult on any question you are interested in.

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