Immigration to Slovenia

The most popular way for business immigration to Slovenia is company registration and upon that one is allowed to submit documents for residence permit. We will not only help you to open a company, to obtain work permit, but also will help you to find living quarters in Slovenia for you and your family. After 5 years residing in Slovenia you and your family will have a possibility to obtain permanent residence permit, after 10 years residing in Slovenia you can submit the documents for citizenship.

The process of obtaining residence permit in Slovenia:

The basic rule of getting residence permit in Slovenia is company registration and work permit for company founder. The minimal share capital of the company must be not less than 7500 Euro. You will have to come to Slovenia for documents preparation for residence permit only for one business day (except Thursday) and we will need only valid passport from you. The rest will be done by email or post.

After obtaining work permit we will submit the documents for residence permit. We can do all the procedures without personal presence of the shareholder, – on the basis of the power of attorney.

The procedure and requirements for obtaining residence permit:

1 way. Obtaining residence permit in 3,5 – 4 months. You need invest in your company’s fund al least 22500 Euro (it can be a car, real estate, computers, equipments, stationery and so on).

2 way. Obtaining residence permit in 8-9 months.           

The basic rule for the implementation of this method is the investment into your company 10,000 Euro. You have to make investments within 4 months after the date of company’s registration.

3 way. Obtaining residence permit in 10-11 months. You have to provide documents (balance) on the profits of your company after 6 months from the date of company registration. The company’s income should be at least 2 minimum wages (minimal salary is 789,15 Euro).

When you get the first residence permit in Slovenia you get the right to apply for temporary residence permit for your family members (wife and minor children) on the basis of family reunion. In order to make this process the company founder has to provide financial report, which proves the solvency and ability to keep the family.

The salary of the company owner for each family member has to be at least 270 Euro (the minimum wage in Slovenia).

From the 1-st January 2015 to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia on the basis of family reunion it is possible only by 1 year of stay on the basis of residence permit.

In our company you can order accounting services, buy a legal address of company, order virtual office (necessary in case when you do not have an office in Slovenia), the reception of mail.

We will support in search, purchase of commercial or living quarters, getting children into school or kindergartens, in the choice of medical care, obtaining patents, licenses, finding partners, and can also look after your company upon agreement.

The payment for accounting services and legal address starts from the next month after company’s registration in Slovenia, payroll and payment of taxes begin after obtaining a residence permit. Paying payroll taxes allows your family to use free health care, free education (University, school) for children, transfer to the pension Fund of Slovenia or free courses on Slovenian language.              

VAT in Slovenia:

- Standard – 22%;

- Reduced for certain goods and services to 9.5%.

Taxes in Slovenia:

- on soil – 2%;

- on profit 17% (in 2015 it got reduced to 15%);

- on personal income – up to 50%.

Any company whose annual turnover exceeds € 25 000 must register at the tax office to obtain a VAT number.


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