Lithuanian labor market by 2022: what professions will be in demand

Until now, despite the decline in population, the number of Lithuanian jobs is growing. In the coming years, Lithuania will need 105,000 new employees. Managers will make up one tenth of them.

Such a forecast is presented in the “Human Capital in Lithuania 2019” new study („Žmogiškasis kapitalas Lietuvoje 2019“) prepared by the Center for Monitoring and Analysis of Science and Research („Mosta“).

From 2018 to 2022, 105,000 new employees will have to fill a “hole” in the market resulting from the retirement, emigration or death of current employees.

It is estimated that by 2022, 50,000 highly qualified specialists will be required, 13,000 of them will make executive-level staff.

According to forecasts, over the next four years, the demand for highly skilled workers will grow by 4 percentage points, from 44 to 48%. According to analysts from Mosta, this is a positive outlook for Lithuania, which is moving towards a more modern economy.

Analysts believe that the demand for doctors, librarians, archival and museum specialists will be extremely high.

Particularly high demand among low-skilled workers is forecast for drivers of cars, taxis and minibuses, buses and trolley buses, mechanics and repairmen of industrial and agricultural machinery.

Total in 2018-2022, 43,000 low-skilled workers will have to be replaced.

The demand for new unskilled workers will be about 12,000 new employees. Extremely high demand is projected for guardians, couriers, messengers and porters.

Many new employees will be required in the service sector, industry, commerce, construction.

However, the learning paths chosen by students only partially correspond to the labor market needs, and not all students immediately join the labor market, and some emigrate. So in the future there will be a shortage of employees, predicts “Mosta”. Thus, Lithuania will need an influx of labor from outside.

Over the past decade, the population of Lithuania has decreased by about 400,000 people, and the average age of the population has increased by 4 years. However, despite the decrease in population, the number of employees has increased by 6% over the past four years, according to a study by Mosta.

This growth was due to a decrease in unemployment, an increase in the number of foreigners and an increase in employment for older people. Many companies are happy to hire foreigners. And our project can help in the process of obtaining a work visa / residence permit, the main thing is to find an interested employer.

Analysis also showed that the average income of the population increased in all age groups over the past five years.

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