Presidency of Lithuania in the Council of the European Union

On July 1, 2013 Lithuania, the first among the Baltic states, began Presidency in the Council of the European Union. It took over the position from Ireland, and at the end of 2013, 6 months after the beginning of the presidency, will hand over this important position of presidency to Greece.

Latvia will be the head of the Council of EU since January 2015, and Estonia – since January 2018.

It is planned to hold more than 3000 different kinds of events and meetings in Brussels and Luxembourg, 180 events – in Lithuania, with 16 meetings at the ministerial level.

Because of the beginning of the presidency in the Council of the EU, Lithuania has increased 3 times the number of its staff in Brussels – up to 200 people.

Presidency of Lithaunia in the EU Council:

  1. Gives an opportunity to present the country and tell more about Lithuania, to approve ties with the European Union and to make investment in well-being of people in the European Union.
  2. This is an opportunity to support the way of 28 EU countries to the robust, growing and open Europe.
  3. It is a way to further integration into the EU, overcoming unemployment, especially among young generation. This would help to make the economic and social model of the European Union more reliable and efficient.
  4. Sets priority on solving energy issue, which would increase the competitiveness of the EU economy, and would promote research and development of technology.
  5. An important point is to overcome the economic and financial crisis, help in establishing of mechanisms to prevent further crises.
  6. The main goal of the presidency is the Eastern Partnership summit between the European Union and six countries of the former Soviet Union (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus). The summit will be held in November 2013 in Vilnius. The final step would be signing the agreement about the Association between Ukraine and the EU, which would simplify trade relations and contribute to the development of business in Ukraine and Europe.

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