Business in Lithuania, construction company for sale

  • Description:

    We sell construction company in Lithuania, which is engaged in the construction of buildings of special category.
    The company has no debts or other obligations, takes part in various competitions for construction.
    Building projects: high-rise buildings in Vilnius, houses in various parts of Vilnius, reconstruction of buildings or other objects in Vilnius and other Lithuanian cities.
    The company operates in construction industry for over 10 years, has all necessary long-term certificates and permits. It has perfect reputation and good experience in the construction work.

  • Primary activity: Construction Industry
  • Price: € 31000
  • Registration date: 1998
  • Authorized share capital: € 10000
  • Number of employees: 1
  • Owned atestations and licences: Certified construction company, building of residential and non-residential buildings, construction platforms (materials - concrete, brick, wood), activities in the field of construction and finishing works.
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: AS044073