The list of professions that are few in Lithuania has been updated

The Employment Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania approved a list of professions that are few in the Republic of Lithuania. The professions listed are granted a simplified visa or residence permit.

In industry, the profession of welder, assembler of metal ships, tailor, butcher replenished the profession of a carnage.

In the service sector, the list of professions remains unchanged, and the profession of a driver of international freight transport remains.

The professions of a concrete worker, electrician, welder, plasterer, and insulator in the field of construction were supplemented by the professions of a general builder and scaffold builder. The professions of installers, roofers and metal plasterers are no longer on the list.

List of professions for the 1st semester of 2020 (approved on December 31, 2019).

Sector Profession Code (ISCO-08 version) Profession Requirements
Construction 711202 Bricklayer
711203 Refractory brickworker, hardened by fire
711208 Finishing mason
711912 Scaffold builder
711911 The scaffold
712302 Plasterer
712301 Plastering finisher
712305 Plasterer with decorative plaster
712306 External plaster plasterer
712307 Plasterboard fitter installer-finisher
721206 The welder
721212 Electric welder
721213 Gas welder
721214 Gas and electricity welder
721215 Electric welder by hand
721403 Installer of metal structures  
721402 Steel Structures Collector [installer]  
Industry 721206 The welder
721212 Electric welder
721213 Gas welder
721214 Gas and electricity welder
721215 Electric welder by hand
721407 Structural metalworker
721411 Worker in steel structure workshop
721419 Locksmith for metal structures assembly
721418 Metal ship hull collector
721410 Ship metalwork fitter
722324 A wide profile machinist
722301 Metal drill
722322 Auto Lines Adjuster
722329 Software control machine operator
722333 The miller
722344 Metalworking machine operator
722346 Operator of reinforcement machine
722348 Operator of metal bending machine
722359 Metal Cutting Machine Operator
722364 Operator of metal stamping machines
722367 Tool lathe operator
722373 Operator of machinery for manufacturing metal products
722374 Operator of metal milling machine
722385 Metal stamping press operator
722396 Operator of automatic machine tool line
723302 Repair Locksmith, Locksmith Repairman
723301 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Installer
723304 Aggregate repair locksmith
723310 Industrial Equipment Locksmith Assembler
723328 Industrial Equipment Mechanic
723330 Extractive industry equipment mechanic
723331 Mechanical Engineer of the Company Equipment Maintenance Unit
723337 Mechanic for metalworking equipment
723348 Locksmith welder
723351 Locksmith for ventilation and air conditioning systems
723361 Equipment assembly locksmith repairman
723368 Automation equipment tuner
751101 Fishmaker
751107 Fish cutter
751114 Preparation of fish semi-finished products
751104 Butcher
751109 Butcher
751110 Poultry maker
751115 Technical raw material preparer
751139 Meat cutter
751126 The carnage
753126 Tailor
753102 Women’s clothing tailor
753113 Clothing tailor
753120 Menswear tailor
814204 Plastic Cutting Machine Operator  
814207 Plastic extrusion machine operator  
814212 Operator of plastic laminating machines  
814213 Operator of plastic molding machines  
Services 833209 Driver of an international freight vehicle C and CE category

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