Club-restaurant in Vilnius

клуб-ресторан в Литве
  • Description:

    Pub located in the center of Vilnius. The area of premises is 600 m2
    The pub and bowling club is newly renovated in the year 2016, also investments made in kitchen equipment, bowling equipment etc.
    The monthly income: 25.000-40.000 eur, depends on season (higher in winter).
    The monthly profit: 3000-8000 eur, higher in autumn and winter.
    We are making additional investments to summer cafe unique building and food delivery service to increase profit to 30%-50% in spring, summer time and autumn also.
    Summer cafe near the pub with ~30 places for visitors.
    The pub has his own property with value ~90.000 eur

    We could offer you 35% of the shares for 84.000 EUR., 50% of the shares for 134.000 EUR or 100% of the shares for 233 000 eur.

  • Primary activity: Bars and restaurants
  • Price: € 233000
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: AS177182

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