Accessories, clothes, jewelry and home decor store in the famous Vilnius shopping center

clothes store
  • Description:

    The business has been operating since 2015 with revenue increasing every year with the exception of 2020 – it has had a declining affect due to the pandemic.
    The income is 7,000-12,000 EUR per month. The revenue in 2020 has declined solely due to operating restrictions from the government, but the business is fully prepared to earn starting in Spring 2021
    Profitability (return on investment) is ~30% per annum of the investment amount. Profit in 2019 was 10,000 EUR
    Cost of rent: 1,000 EUR/month (including utilities)
    Number employees: 3 (including the manager)
    Accounting: outsourced

    ● The price of 40% shares is 20,000 EUR, 50% – 24,000 EUR, 100% – 41,500 EUR

    The reservation fee for this business is an advance of 5,000 EUR.

    This business is ideal for a Residence Permit application as it meets all the requirements of the Migration Department. In order to apply for a Resident Permit the company has to be operating for at least 6 months and daily income, expenses and active employees (salaries & taxes) must reflect in the company’s history, as well as actual premises must be present.

  • Primary activity: Shops
  • Price: €41.500
  • Country of registration: Lithuania

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