Сafe in the center of Vilnius

кафе в Литве
  • Description:

    Pie cafe in Vilnius old town, one of the best streets of Vilnius.
    Low price of the rent.
    The annual income: 50.000-70.000 eur
    The monthly profit: 600-1000 eur
    At this time we are getting permits for big summer cafe and alcohol license. The income and profit should increase twice after getting these permits.
    The cafe will be reorganized to PUB, Indian restaurant, Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant – it depends on buyer of this business and we are discussing with investors about the activity they want. We will help with reconstruction and start of another kind of activity and we are planning increase income to 15.000-20.000 per month after 4-5 weeks of reconstruction. Everything is prepared – furniture, equipment etc.
    We could offer you 50% of the shares for 21.000 eur or 100% of the shares for 32.000 eur. Also some investment from shareholders needed – up to 5000-6000 eur for reorganization.

  • Primary activity: Bars and restaurants
  • Price: € 32.000
  • Number of employees: 4-5
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: EK000073

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