Convenience store franchise

  • Description:

    The size of the investment is EUR 15,000-50,000. An investor can buy 1/3 business, 1/2 business or 100% business.
    Mini-store chain franchises for sale. After purchasing the shares of the shop you get the right to work / run the shop and you can apply for a residence permit in Lithuania right away. The business being sold fully complies with the Migration Department requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania for a business shareholder.
    The cost of our services: EUR 1500 for the processing of 1 residence permit documents and procedures, EUR 1000 for spouse’s documentation and EUR 1000 for each child’s documents.
    Our results are 100% validated residence permits within 10 years of operation of our group of companies.
    Conditions: Advance payment of EUR 3800. After the advance payment, we provide detailed financial information, franchise terms and documentation of the Residence permit. The remaining EUR 11200 has to be paid upon arrival in Lithuania and the sale of the company will be finalized at the notary’s office. Once you have been registered as a company shareholder, residence permit application documents are prepared within 7-15 days.
    Term of residence permit after payment of the order: 2-3 months.

  • Primary activity: Shops
  • Price: € 15000
  • Number of employees: 3
  • Company debts: No debts
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: Z384571

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