• Description:

    Food producing company with 1-2 sale points on best Vilnius markets (depending on possibilities to produce more or less products). The company is producing cakes and other sweets, dumplings, cutlets, kibinai (tatarian food), pancakes and other products. Have contracts Supplying products to cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. The company has big probabilities to expand with good managing and chefs.
    The company is renting premises including own and rented equipment, rent is not high.
    The income is ~6000-8000 euro per month, it could be easily raised to ~15.000-20.000 euro per month.
    The profit now is ~500-600 euro per month, sometimes it is zero, it could be not profitable at 1-2 first months of expanding, but later the profit should be not less than €1500-€2000 per month.
    We will be happy to help with and we will cover our managing expenses from company income so new owners don’t need to put additional money in business.
    Until the end of March, a special price.

  • Primary activity: Food
  • Price: €27.000
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: EK202003

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