Forklifts shop, repair service and car parts shop in Nemencinė, Vilnius region

  • Description:

    Main activity is sale of auto parts, special machinery, repair services for vehicles (trucks, special vehicles, cars)
    The company has more than 10 years of experience in the sale, repair of forklifts and other vehicles. The company’s activity – sale of forklift trucks, sale of parts, repairing (including repair of cars, buses and trucks). The company is an official representative of a well-known international company.
    The annual income is – 70,000-100,000 EUR. In this year the company’s revenue is planned to increase to ~200,000 EUR per year. Investments in advertising, opening of new car repair sub units should increase income and profit also.
    Well-known trademark, an extensive client base and contracts for the supply of parts, all this indicates the long-term successful activity of this company. Large warehouse for auto parts. Great opportunities for expanding the business.
    Employees: 6-8 people including experienced manager. Work experience of all employees – more than 10 years. Premises – located in a convenient location, a small price for rent.
    Also the company has its own property – few renovated forklifts and the additional profit comes from this activity – buying old forklift for 1,500 EUR, changing all parts to very new ~1,500 EUR and selling renovated forklift for 6000-8000 EUR. This business model is quite easy and profitable; it is not difficult to expand it 2-3 times with additional efforts and little investments.

    • Price of 35% of shares – 34,000 EUR, 40% – 42,000 EUR

    The reservation fee for this business is an advance of 5,000 EUR.

    As a 40% shareholder, you can expect a return on investment of 9,000 – 11,000 EUR per year or 800 – 1,000 EUR per month, respectively. Also your business does not lose value while you get the profit and you can sell your part of shares even for a higher price after 2-3 years. We will be happy to help and mediate in the sale of your business part if you will decide to sell it.
    Adding additional investment and effort to marketing, sales strategies, and other drivers of business growth can be expected to increase profits by 100 to 200 percent, it means that owners of 50% of the shares can expect to make a profit of 2,000-3,000 EUR per month after appropriate amendments.

    This business is ideal for a Residence Permit application as it meets all the requirements of the Migration Department because in order to apply for a Resident Permit the company has to be operating for at least 6 months and daily income, expenses and active employees (salaries & taxes) must reflect in the company’s history, as well as actual premises.

  • Primary activity: Car service & carwash
  • Price: €42.000
  • Country of registration: Lithuania

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