Transportation business with European transport license

Продается транспортная компания в Литве
  • Description:

    Licensed transport company including 3 trucks and pre-existing orders for sale. 1 truck (cabin) is being currently rented and the remaining 2 trucks (cabins) are leased, 1 trailer is on lease and the remaining 2 trailers are rented.
    The first truck has approximately €14,000 remaining to complete the leasing agreement, the second truck – approximately €28,000 remaining, and approximately €10,000 remaining amount for the trailer.
    If the company’s activity is successfully developed, you can cover this cost in the span of 1 year and it will be rightfully owned by the company as in house transport equipment which will effectively cut overhead costs and increase profits.
    The company has been operating since 2011. It has steady, frequent orders, reliable partners, efficient administration, strong management and Lock-tracker control installed and working in full order.
    One truck earns a profit of approximately €3,000 per calendar month. The purchase forecast is to buy another 1-2 trucks through leasing by the end of the year and 5-6 more trucks by the end of 2022.
    There are multiple orders, so the only thing required is to buy trucks and hire drivers. Cargo is transported mainly to Germany and France.
    · The price for the business currently is €93,000 (excluding the 3rd truck with preparation repairs, which would cost around €25,000 plus major repairs and preparation for 1 year of truck operation will be performed).
    · We are expecting that by the end of winter 2022 the business will cost around €120,000 as significant sums will be paid for leasing and new orders will be received (excluding the price of the 3rd truck).
    · The income is 25 000€ – 30 000€ per month and it is growing almost every month. The income will go up ~10.000€-15.000€ with every new truck bought or leased. The revenue is expected to grow to ~40 000€ – 45 000€ when the 3rd truck is fully operational.
    · Profitability (return on investment) is 20-35% per annum of the investment amount. The return on investment is much faster when the company is operating with ~10-15 trucks rather than with 2-5 trucks.

    The reservation fee for this business is an advance of 7,000 €.

    This business is ideal for a Residence Permit application as it meets all the requirements of the Migration Department. In order to apply for a Resident Permit the company has to be operating for at least 6 months and daily income, expenses and active employees (salaries & taxes) must reflect in the company’s history, as well as actual premises must be present.

  • Primary activity: Transport
  • Price: €93.000
  • Country of registration: Lithuania

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