A transport company with a license for transport in the European Union is on sale

Продается транспортная компания
  • Description:

    The project EUROMIG offers the extension of your business in the European Union, with the acquisition of a working transport company in Lithuania, with already formed authorized capital, and also a ready EU license for freight / passenger transportation.

    We offer:
    -Transport company with EU license for freight / passenger transportation)
    – Signed contracts for the implementation of transport in the European Union (customers and forwarding companies)
    -Administration of your transport company in the first months after its acquisition
    -Specialized workers
    -An experienced accountant
    -Provision of contracts and assistance in concluding contracts on conditions that are advantageous to you

    The cost of a transport company that includes a license for transportation: 12000-14000 EUR.

    After the acquisition of the company we will provide you:

    -Lawyer consulting
    -Service accounting services
    -Services of translation of documents
    -Prepresentation in state bodies and institutions
    -Help in obtaining a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania
    -Help in obtaining a work permit in the EU

    -Help in signing contracts
    – Receiving assistance from the EU for various business projects. Return to 100% of investment.

    Specialists of our company will help you to choose the appropriate option that meets your requirements.
    If you are interested in another line of business, we are ready to gather information, explore the market, offer already existing options for companies and verify the authenticity of information from sellers / owners.
    For more detailed information, contact the EUROMIG project staff in any available way.

  • Primary activity: Transport
  • Price: € 12000
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: E100746

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