Cafe in Kaunas

  • Description:

    Kaunas is 100 km from Vilnius, it is the Lithuania second largest city.
    The business is profitable, has a favorable location near the railway station, which provides a constant people flow. The cafe has an alcohol license for light and hard drinks.
    Rental price – 250 Euro per month,
    Income ~ 250-300 Euro per day,
    Profit ~ 1000 Euro per month.
    There are 4 employees.
    Additional investments to increase the profits of the cafe are approximately 2500 Euro. Good conditions created to easily increase profits. Our specialists can render assistance since we have all the necessary equipment, contacts with suppliers.

    Business share price:
    100% – 46.000 Euro
    80% – 42.000 Euro
    50% – 27.000 Euro
    40% – 24.000 Euro

  • Primary activity: Bars and restaurants
  • Price: € 46.000
  • Number of employees: 4
  • Country of registration: Lithuania
  • Business ID: EK000167

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