Restaurant/pub project with wonderful terrace in Vilnius

  • Description:

    The restaurant is located in the popular district of central Vilnius
    The restaurant/pub project is currently restarting after a short break. It is planned to update the terrace lighting, terrace furniture and installations, grill equipment and a range of drinks.
    Negotiations are currently underway on the lease of the restaurant’s premises and territory, as well as other operating conditions.
    The planned investment in the renewal of operations is approximately 12,000 EUR.
    Estimated income after resumption and opening parties:
    • ~ 20,000 EUR per month
    • Planned profit: ~ 3000-4000 EUR per month.
    • Up to 30% -50% higher income and profit are planned during the summer season starting from Spring 2021.
    Number of employees: 6 – 10 (depending on season)

    • Price of 35% of shares – 19,000 EUR, 50% – 29,000 EUR.
    • Additional requirement for the investor – 4,000-6,000 EUR investment in marketing and interior/exterior. Total investment with 35% of shares – 23,000-25,000 EUR. Total investment with 50% of shares – 33,000-35,000 EUR.

    The reservation fee for this business is an advance of €5,000.

    As a 50% shareholder, you can expect a return on investment of 11,000-13,000 EUR per year or 900-1,100 EUR per month, respectively. Also your business does not lose value while you get the profit and you can sell your part of shares even for a higher price after 2-3 years. We will be happy to help and mediate in the sale of your business part if you will decide to sell it.
    The amount lent by the investor for the renovation of the restaurant is repaid first and dividends are paid to the shareholders only after the repayment of this loan.
    Adding additional investment and effort to marketing, sales strategies, and other drivers of business growth can be expected to increase profits by 50 to 100 percent, it means that owners of 50% of the shares can expect to make a profit of 1,600-2,000 EUR per month after appropriate amendments.

    This business is ideal for a Residence Permit application as it meets all the requirements of the Migration Department. In order to apply for a Resident Permit the company has to be operating for at least 6 months and daily income, expenses and active employees (salaries & taxes) must reflect in the company’s history, as well as actual premises must be present.

  • Primary activity: Bars and restaurants
  • Price: €29.000
  • Country of registration: Lithuania

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